Peer To Clear  is an initiative which found its origin in several cases between rightholders and service providers. In several countries leglislation was set up, but without any support to enforce.


Peer To Clear is the answer. It establsihes the way to enable a business model to use the benefits of P2P networks and yet protect the right of the rightholders of the content.

It enables a payment model based on usage of the rightprotected content. In this case the downloader will pay a fee. This is opposite of most explanatios of the law where the uploader is infringing the right.


However the technolgy does not halt at copyright protected content alone. Also cases of identity theft and child abuse can be intercepted.
















Transform threat

into business



Make illegal downloads legal, optimize existing networks and relations.




The implementation is quite simple. It uses only  industry standards, or de facto standards.


The implementation can be used in three levels.

level 1: blunt blocking. In fact this is enforcing the law, P2P sessions will be closed as soon as the infringement is detected. A download never will be complete.

level 2: intelligent notifications and bandwidth limitation. This level of implementation determines the holder of the connection. After the detection of the infringement it will be stored. The level of infringements (frequency, number of infringements) will determine any treatment. The treatment varies from an email to bandwidth limitations.

level 3: clearing. This level enables to make use op the operators payment relation with the infinger (holder of the connection). Each piece of content will be charged to the invoice. If the customer does not agree or refuses payment, the infrigments will be blocked. Periodically a clearing will be done between the oparator and the rightholder (or its representative). This will be the birth of a new business model.




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