Peer To Clear  is supported by three companies with a long trackrecord in their markets:

  • one company is specilized in network security
  • the second company has a trackrecord in content identification, content protection and watermarking of digital files
  • the last company has a long experience in application development, integration and management in high volume consumer segments

All companies have been pioneers on the internet since the NET became public (late 80-ties and early 90-ties)


Peer To Clear is your gateway to senior staff. We are proud that we want to transfer knowledge to youngsters, and help them to gain experience in a guided way.

In total you will have access to multiple centuries of experience.
















Access to

knowledge and experience




Use a network of acknowledged professionals.



Within Peer To Clear three technical partners work close together:




Friend Media Technology Systems


SOB Shades of Blue


Interoperability with excisting technologies will be guarateed, such like

Networking: Cisco, Sandvine, Arbor, Ipoque, and others.

Databases: Oracle, Ingres, MySQL, MS SQL

Various applications based on predefined or customized interfaces.





manage peer to peer communication


Peer To Clear is a trademark of SOB Shades of Blue