Peer To Clear  is build in a way ir is relatively easy to implement and integrate in your environment. By the use of industry and de facto standards any propriety will be avoided.

Also in the integration in an operators environment will make use of components that the operator is using in its day to day operations. Either for capacity management, abuse detaction or billing. By making this information available the implementation can be done.

Ideally the application is an isolated element, therefor the impact on the operational network is low, beter nihil. This avoids unwanted behavior impacting innocent customers.


The detection of the infringements is done completely network independent. The treatment of infringements in case of blocking or throttling is done inline.















Simplicity is key, and achieved by using standards


Ockams razor: Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate.One of the principles in development



What applies to whom?


Using the service for detection.

This can be done by anyone. It is a service that detects infringements, store the involved ip-addresses including the detected infringements. This could be a tool for rightholders, and used to build cases.

For network operators this can be the base to throttle or block the exchange. Detection and action are feasible to be executed within minutes, this to avoid complete downloads.

> network operators

> virtual network operators

> copyrightholders


Using for gradual response

Whenever any level of gradual response is implemented it is required being able to combine the infringing IP-addresses to the holder of the access-connection. This information is an obligation to store by European rulings, and normally also used for abuse cases.

Based on the combination of data you can address the customer. By storing all infringements it is possible to qualify customers as hard core or incidental downloaders.

Measurements learned that 5% of a typical customer base causes 60% of all traffic.

Addressing the customer can be done by email, sms or postal service. At least you are enabled to notify the customer on infringements. A process that can achieve a high level of automation.

> network operators

> virtual network operators

> service providers

(in fact anybody who is able to link the access to the customer)


Using for network management

When the network operator is already actively managinging the IP-network (QoS like management) it is possible to set rules on a customer by customer base. Which implies blocking and throthling the traffic. But, in case the download is legelaized by payment, dirceting to a trusted source (with controlled quality) and priorizing the download.

> network operators






manage peer to peer communication


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