The technology allows you to manage the P2P infringements. To deploy the technlogy is is not a requirement being able to manage the network. As a network manager you will have more possibilities to manage the customers behavior.

The treatment levels are shown in the diagram.

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On the right hand you will manage off line: email, sms, letter.

On the left hand your are able te manage the traffic: whitelist, filter or block.
















Transform threat

into business



Make illegal downloads legal, optimize existing networks and relations.







The total solution exists of three elements:

  1. the content identification by fingerprinting technology and, or, watermarking technology
  2. the content interception, identfying the P2P exchange, checking the fingerprints or watermarks, decide whether the ontent is protected or not. If protected an infringement event will be registerd
  3. the treatment and customer identification.


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Between the dotted line the domain of Peer to Clear is defined.






manage peer to peer communication

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